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Definition & History

HolwegWeber focuses on the Sales and Technical support of our customers. HolwegWeber provides a complete line of Flat & Satchel and SOS bag making machinery. HolwegWeber also offers a complete line of auxiliary equipment that provides value-added features to the bag making industry.

Holweg adventure began in 1889 when Charles Holweg set up a modest paper trade. At the time, the soaring paper bag market made Charles and his brother August turn to manufacture the precious packaging material. HG Weber was founded in 1925 by Herman Gustave Weber, a German engineer who had emigrated to the USA in 1899. It grew gradually and first spread throughout the North American market. Changes in society, culture, economy, and technology are generating new perspectives in the various market segments. The packaging is now being imagined that was not conceivable in the recent past. That suggests that what is needed is both more specialization and more homogeneity, such as the use of printing. The turnkey solutions provided by HolwegWeber fully address that new paradigm. For decades HolwegWeber has been involved in developing products in its dedication to your marketing objectives in terms of development. In 1925, Weber introduced the original Variable Sizes S.O.S. Paper Bag Machine. Holw egWeber solutions meet all the principles e of adaptability. Customized, they can accommodate at any time different types of auxiliary equipment and optional features.

Holweg & WeberHolweg & Weber
Holweg & Weber
Holweg & Weber
Holweg & Weber

HolwegWeber is a company of reference in the global market. It has built its image on uniting principles such as an inquiring spirit, technical skills and know-how, the ability to innovate, responsiveness, a sense of commitment, etc. We have set ourselves the goal of providing you with the best solutions for the best results.


The systems we develop, however simple their design, require great consistency from all parties. The requirement for quality imposed on our different partners can be seen in our internal assembly processes. We procure our goods from suppliers who can guarantee the highest reliability and precision, and the longest life. That means that our customers can count on the results expected from the finished products. The manufacturing plants are ideally located – one in Europe and the other in America – to maintain close relationships with our long-standing suppliers.


The lines are fully assembled in our manufacturing facilities. They are started up and adjusted for manufacturing the packaging for which they have been designed, in full-size trials. After that first step, they undergo SIT testing with our customers. Then they are disassembled, packaged carefully and delivered to customers. Our fitters alone are authorized to assemble and start up machinery lines in customers’ plants. A week’s training is included in the price of our machines. It is essential to train operators in using the machinery for the best results. The operators are trained by our outside assembly personnel.


We maintain a stock of spare parts so that our customers can obtain spares within the shortest time. We also provide spares for our oldest machinery, some of which is more than 40 years old! Thanks to our different facilities across the world, we can guarantee 24-hour assistance to our customers, wherever they may be, despite time differences.

Holweg & WeberHolweg & Weber

HolwegWeber supplies more than machinery lines; it is committed to finding purpose-built solutions. Even so, all our systems are supported by the fundamentals being developed by the sister companies over decades.

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