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Petroleum Bitumen 60/70

High-Quality Petroleum Bitumen 60/70 for Bulk Trade - Suitable …

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Petroleum Bitumen 80/100

High-Quality Petroleum Bitumen 80/100 for Bulk Trade - Suitable …

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Our company engages in the trading of a broad range of products.

Interested suppliers can contact our procurement team to inquire about becoming a supplier and to provide information about their products and business.

Our company’s payment terms are depending on the type of product and the terms of the agreement with the supplier.

Our company  policy on packing for the products depends on the product itself. Please contact us for more information on the specific product you are interested in.

Our company is committed to maintaining a reliable inventory of products for our customers. We will work with you to ensure a long-term corporation and the availability of products that you need.

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