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Geo commerce is an exclusive agent of Natek Group in 5 countries (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Turkey and Armenia) we are so proud to introduce Natek as a professional group in Design, Manufacture, Installation of Equipment and Metal Structures. You can find and order critical parts of below industries in Natek group:

Petroleum, Chemical, Energy, Mining, Cement, Metallurgy, Sugar, Nuclear

NATEK Group is a modern research and manufacturing association that successfully operates in the Russian market. Respect for the Customer and manufacturing of the high quality products are the main priorities of our company. By transforming from one legal form into another, continuously developing since 1992, NATEK Group has therefore significantly expanded its opportunities. From providing merely engineering services, the company gradually shifted to in-house manufacture and product installation as well as to project construction.

They have more than 20 years’ experience and here you can find some of their projects:

CustomerProduct nameDate
JSC TATNEFTColumn product recovery with interior reboiler 2500 С 0002. Item weight is more than 33 t. 2016
JSC TATNEFTHydrocarbon condensate tank pos. Е-3. Item weight is more than 67 t.2016
JSC TATNEFTExtractive distillation column. Inside diameter is 1300 mm, height is greater than 59 m, item weight is more than 70 t.2016
LLC Tyazhpressmash DetailSpools2015
OJSC PHOSAGRO-CherepovetsRepair of the tube bundles of the heat-recovery boiler pos. 101-СА/СВ2015
LLC RN-Tuapse RefineryCooling water unit vessel 407-V-001. Ammonia dosing unit.2015
JSC TATNEFTAdsorption chamber №1 2600 R0001 and №2 2600 R0002. Total equipment weight is more than 120 t.2015
Clay treatment reactor 2900R0001А and 2900R0001В. Equipment weight is more than 17 t.2015
PJSC NizhnekamskneftekhimReboiler. Inside diameter is 2364 mm, weight is 43.72 t.2015
KHD Humboldt WedagApron plate conveyors2015
PJSC NizhnekamskneftekhimColumn С3710 for removal of amines from C10 olefins. Weight is more than 280 t.2015
PJSC SeverstalEvaporator;
Designation 600ИК-2-1,0-2,5-М12/25Г-2-1-У-И.
JSC AEM-technologyLongitudinal beam СТ 0068.10.01.000СБА.2015
JSC TATNEFTDeisohexaniser. Column length is 65 m, weight is 89 t.2015
CJSC Trading House of pneumatic transport systemsCyclone СЦН 70.01.012015
JSC TATNEFTRaffinate fractionation column. Weight is 60 t, length is greater than 48 m. Hydrocracked naphtha splitter column. Column diameter is 6.5 m, height is 35 m, weight is 37 t.2015
Ltd Himmash-ApparatMixer СМ-1
Mixer СМ-2
Mixer Х-207
Mixer СМ303
Reboiler Е-432
General purpose industrial pump (J-001/1 Sulphur degassing ejector ГК Sulphur 400/3)
General purpose industrial pump (J-001/2 Sulphur degassing ejector ГК Sulphur 400/3-1)
General purpose industrial pump (J-301 Start-up ejector ГК Sulphur 400/3 400/3-1)
LLC Trading House UmbraFilter bags ФПУ-8, ФПУ-112015
CJSC SMMMachine room2015
JSC TATNEFTStabiliser 1800 С-104 High pressure nitrogen receiver Instrument air receiver2015
PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim37,500 tpa alpha-olefin production upgrade2015
JSC TATNEFTLow pressure cold separator 4200D01082015
Siemens VAI MTFeeder gas ducts (lines). Total output volume is 97.7 t. 2015
JSC TATNEFTFlare knock-out drum 0740D0002
Flare knock-out drum 0740D0005
JSC TATNEFTEmergency blowdown receivers 1800D0111A and 1800D0111В. Total weight is 264 t. 2015
Sulzer Chemtech LtdStatic mixer 302М201 Dn2002015
Ltd Himmash-ApparatCooler К-1501 – 4th stage Cooler К-1501 – 3rd stage Cooler К-1501 – 2nd stage2015
CJSC Trading House of pneumatic transport systemsPneumatic chamber pump ПКН-5
Pneumatic chamber pump ПКНГ 1,6
Aerators АГ-200
LLC RN-Tuapse RefineryHydrocracking unit product stripping column. Diameter is 2400/4500 mm, vertical dimension is 27,700 mm.2015



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