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Agrofood (86)

Oil and Gas (16)

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Geo commerce is a General Trading company. If you need to
supply products from abroad, we help to deliver products from
all over the world at the lowest cost and fastest.
Our Mission
We want to bring the highest quality product to businesses at
the lowest cost and build a long -term relationship with them.
What Do We Offer?
More profite
Every business needs money to survive and profits to
grow. We will increase your profit by offering a low price.

High Assurance
We always keep our promise and deliver the product you
need promptly. That's why you can count on us for
long-term cooperation.
Our Values
We believe that if the business has one rule, it is honesty.

Gain Together
Building a stable relationship based on trust is important
to us. We want to move together. Because we know that
benefiting only one side means losing the other side, and
this not what we want.

Social Responsibility
Yes, we are a B2B General Trading company, but
environmental sustainability is essential. One day every
human life will end, but the earth wii live. We will inherit
the world for our children. We work hard to be guardians
of the planet for future generations.
Submit Your Offer
Let us know what product you need, how much, and
where you will receive it.

Get Our Offer
We will review your offer and send you the terms of
cooperation and the product's price.

We will discuss our offer to reach a suitable agreemen
for both sides.

Product Delivery
You will deliver the product.
Service Areas
Consulting for both buyer and sellers to ensure a successful transaction

Logistic Services
Logistic Services to manage the transportation and distribution of goods

Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management to optimize sourcing and production

Trade Finance
Trade Finance to provide financial support for trade transactions

Customs Clearance
Customs Clearance to ensure compliance with import/export regulations.

Regions & Countries

In “GEO Commerce”, we believe in connecting the assets and opportunities globally by making the goods and services easily exchangeable. Our philosophy is to make a smart bridge between the customers’ needs from one side and the suppliers’ ability to satisfy needs from the other side. We apply our philosophy through professional trading or facilitating trade internationally. In order to supply businesses, we target the most important part of this trade including manufacturers, contractors, distributors, service providers, etc. As we are involved in this situation called B2B trade, we do not target individual customers.